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We believe nothing is more satisfying and enjoyable than a delicious nourishing health beverage and the smile that it brings.

Gru Tea brings to the table an in-depth understanding of teas from around the world, infused with the Indian health and holistic concepts of Ayurveda, and enveloped with taste in every sip.
"Enjoy the Adventurous Journey of Tea from Bush to Cup"
Ranbir Singh Bhai is the co-founder of “Yogi Tea-a renowned lifestyle tea in USA since 80s". His experience and realization became the vision of Gru Tea: to inspire the well being of mind, body and spirit with the simple art of tea.

Gru Tea’s dedication to provide the finest teas can be found in the highest-quality ingredients it sources through its sister company
Yogi Botanicals and the wisdom it applies when combining herbs and spices at processing and blending sites in Germany and India, while also acting socially responsible by protecting the earth’s natural resources. All Gru teas contain naturally organic ingredients in variable proportion. Our worldwide team of growers, processors, packers, blenders and tasters are committed to deliver the product and service for our clients.

We are thankful to all who have contributed in this journey from growers to processors and to fellow tea drinkers for their aspiring contribution and upliftment of our experience  as their choice.

Gru Tea uses 100 percent recycled and recyclable paper in its packaging, as well as vegetable-based inks and dyes. Tea bags are 100 percent oxygen bleached and use pure cotton strings and staples made of inert metal.
Yogi Tea